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Q: What are cappings? What do they taste like?

A: The crunchy bits of pollen, propolis, and capping wax that crown each jar of our honey are called "cappings". Cappings have the highest concentrations of pollen and propolis, which are known for their healthful properties. They are sometimes referred to as "Farmer's Chewing Gum." Because they do contain bits of wax, many people like to chew them and discard the wax afterwards.


Rob Polishook of Chile TodayHot Tamale asks Mimi " How can I get more RRH when I run out of this jar? It tastes really good on my spicy pretzels!"


When this jar of honey is finished you can:

Love Mimi


Dear Mimi,

Thank you for getting me my honey in a timely manner. I ran out and didn't order in time. As soon as I received it, I ate a tablespoon. It certainty does improve my mood. Then I had another spoonful a short time later. An hour later, I went to bed and slept so very well. It gets me through the night much more easily. It seems to carry my sugar levels evenly through sleep. I had no nightmares.

Certainly Really Raw Honey has just the right combination of Pollen, Propolis, and Honey. My immune system has very much improved as my allergies have also. I drink it with my de-caf green tea, milk, thistle teas, and Yerba Mate Royale tea with lemon. Does it have Royal Jelly in it?

Thank you!

Toni Mulvuhil
Onancock VA. 23417

Dear Toni,

Thank you for your inspirational letter. And I thank nature for providing you with these benefits from your honey. We in the modern world expect these kinds of advantages to come from "products" that man makes through supplements and medicines. You are blessed to be open minded and willing to give this gift from nature a chance. You are seeing results man cannot produce. Thanks for sharing. Many people will profit from your experience.

We have never tested for Royal Jelly. Beekeepers say that there are trace amounts of royal jelly in Really Raw Honey.

Love, Mimi 

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