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1 lb. Pollen
Our Price: $25.18

1 lb Bag of Pollen from C.C. Pollen.

These golden granules of honeybee pollen are from the bee’s choice of pollens and mixed with nectar, as the food source with-in the hive.
4 oz. Propolis Pieces
Our Price: $26.23

Our Propolis Pieces are harvested straight from the hive--unprocessed, with no additives or fillers. Propolis Pieces of varying size are simply cleaned by cold water bath to remove the wax and honey, and left to dry naturally. Propolis in this form can be allowed to sit in the mouth, then chewed and swallowed, or discarded when the flavor is gone. These Propolis Pieces can also be ground smaller or powdered, and mixed with honey or put in capsules.