The Buzz about Really Raw Honey

Here are some of our customers comments as to why they love Really Raw Honey...

"Delicious! I like the fact that it's not heated. Long live the Bees, Long live Really Raw Honey!"

-- Pete Seeger; Musician and activist

"Last week I packed Raw Honey in a cesarean section wound that would not heal on an obese patient. She was sent home afterwards and is now doing fine."

-- Dr. Shane C. Driggs; Brownsville, Texas

My name is Sharon I'm a RN with over 30 years of nursing, June of 2011 my mother forwarded to me the following article which majorly changed my life, I have been arthritic for years, having Bilateral Knee replacements in 2004. By 2011 the joints on my fingers were affected, an accidental striking of them against a hard surface would send pain throughout my hands and fingers, I had grave concerns with where my nursing career was headed. My mother forwarded the Honey and Cinnamon article attached, having faith in homeopathic medicine I searched and found www.ReallyRawHoney.com and placed my first order. Almost 2 years later I remain a loyal customer, my husband and I both use the 2 tablespoons of Really Raw Honey stirred in with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon then diluted in 1 cup of hot water to control and manage our arthritis. My finger I'm pleased to report have full range of motion, they can be tapped, bumped and used pain free.
When I began using this homeopathic treatment I was very stringent in its twice daily use, within 3 to 4 days a major change in my pain and mobility was noticed, so much so, my husband began also having what we've come to call our "Cin/hon" we started our mornings and ended our evenings sipping this simple drink. After a few months of twice daily use, my husband began drinking only 1 cup per day, and actually now uses only when he's feeling stiffness, I have also decreased also to once per/day, but remain consistent with daily use as I have more joints affected then John does. I thought it was about time I share our success and forwarded to you guys at Really Raw Honey our story so you could share this article with someone else who may be suffering from arthritis.

While in the military on a survival training course my group came across a honey bee hive and "very respectfully with out damaging the hive" took some of the comb and i have been on the hunt for jarred honey that tasted like this ever since, as i am sure you know this is not as easy of a task as i thought it would be until 7SEP13 while shopping at Ingles grocery store I came across a 1lb glass jar of your honey. I am floored, i am taken back to that day on the training op. I will never consume any other honey. I am also going to purchase some Propolis as my wife and i have allergies and my wife gets sore throats ofter and i am curious to see how well this works. Thank you for this amazing product all other honeys are by far inferior.

"We can not believe the difference Really Raw Honey has made in our vinaigrette's. Until using your product we had a very difficult time pulling our balsamic vinaigrette up to the flavor level we wanted. Our sales have tripled since using your honey."

-- Joe Rafferty; Conkling Grill 834 S. Conkling St. Baltimore, Md. 21224

Great story. We completed the 52.2 mile hike in 23.5 hours. One of our guys bonked on mile 30 and we fed him one of your buzzers and it brought him back to life. He walked another mile somehow to our support car. The honey saved him.

Thanks again!!!

Gregory B.

I have tried honey from five different places and yours is the best and makes me feel the best. I will be 80 in five months and feel RRH helps me to feel good all the time. RRH is definitely a health food. Start the day with a spoonful and go to bed with a spoonful. When wanting a snack, a spoonful of Really Raw Honey is so much better for me than salted nuts or candy.

-- Bill Norvell

Dear Sir or Madam,

I can't begin to tell you how much I love your honey... everything about it!
My dad started eating a (generous) spoonful of your Really Raw Honey every night before he went to bed.
I decided to taste your honey to really see what he was so obsessed with- and let me tell you, it's incredible!
Your honey tastes so extremely fresh and it's so delicious.
I appreciate the quality that clearly goes into making these products.
Thank you for everything you do!
Keep making the great product you're making!

Good afternoon Mimi,

I received your precious honey and I am very pleased about the way it was packaged but most of all of the great quality...I even ordered one for my brother who lives in Texas:)

Your honey is the best i have had and from now on I'm a faithful customer to an amazing authentic product: Really raw honey.

I appreciate your efforts and your works to give us something so pure and so good for our health.

I come from Lebanon and I've been in America for 6 years, all my life i was used to organic foods and especially honey. Yours indeed reminds me of home and brings back fine memories! :)

God bless you,


Dear Really Raw folks: I really love your honey and get it at my local Ingles store. Wish they carried larger jars of it. Had MRSA a while back in a tick bite after a visit to the ER for another issue. Do not go to the ER with an open wound if you can help it. Lots of further treatment to get rid of it. They gave me a special antibiotic for topical use. The area got chafed and irritated this winter, it swelled and was infected really bad within 24 hours of getting chafed. I could not find the ointment tube anywhere. It was probably past its date anyway. I was going to get a ride to the doctors and start all over again, when I remembered raw honey being used to treat MRSA when other avenues had been exhausted. Why don't they just use it first? I paid 27 dollars for a teensy tube of the prescription. I applied your honey and bandaged the area. I reapplied it again the next day. I saw results in 24 hours when I changed the bandage. 48 hours later it was normal healthy skin!

I am instinctively skeptical of fancy honeys. I've been raved to this and that time about this and that honey and how it's special for this or that reason, and each time the honey in question seems to taste, well, like honey. And I'm certainly not the type of fella who goes around writing food-products companies complimenting them on their food products on a regular basis. But my lord. Your honey is unlike anything I've previously had in my mouth or nearby my nose. I'm not sure I will willingly buy another brand of honey again. Every chance I get I have my friends taste this honey to show them how outstanding it is�causing my jar to empty uncomfortably quickly. Well done.

Chris M. South Korea

I just wanted to take the time to send y'all a Thank You email. Thank You for making this beautiful product. I came across your brand by a fluke at our local Sprouts. They had it on sale. Sadly they do not carry it at the moment. The first time I tasted your honey, I was done for, in a very good way. I will not buy any honey from anyone else. It is literally liquid gold. My mom and her husband drive long haul around the US and know I am a honey addict. So, they buy me honey from everywhere. She recently brought a jar with a piece of comb in it. We did a side by side comparison and a taste off. She instantly wanted my jar of your honey lol. I am a customer for life. Thank you for a product that I can support proudly.


Hi Really Raw Honey,
I am convinced that your product could be used as a sustainable food source during any crisis and it's great for wound healing! I have also used it to treat wounds which refused to heal with "traditional" medical intervention. My husband had spider bites which would not heal for months but one application of Really Raw Honey and, BAM, gone the next day. My neighbor's daughter had a ear-piercing infection which looked very bad so I said, "hey, I know it sounds crazy but I 100% guarantee that I can treat that with this honey." You know the story, it was healed-up by the next morning. I truly believe that this product could stop MRSA in it's tracks!!
Kathy Sanders

"When I cut the lawn and my eyes get watery and scratchy, I take a teaspoon of honey and it clears right up! "

-- Tricia Murtha; Warfordsbrag, Pa.

Really Raw Honey to me is not only the most delicious honey I have ever tasted, it is also carries the greatest impact unto my body in an entirely beneficial way! From energy to an overall increased sense of well being, this honey is right up there with the best.
Thanks again,
Wow! I absolutely am crazy for your honey. I thought it looked swell from outside the 2 pound jar I bought at Fairway in Manhattan, but when I got it home and opened it, and smelled and saw and tasted it, whoa! Amazing. Thank you for making such a fine product. I am forever hooked.
James H.

I have been using the honey for 10 days now, and not only have I had amazing relief from the almost unbearable itching, all but a couple small patches have completely healed. I am so grateful and overwhelmed as I wake up each morning having slept without discomfort. I really thought I was going out of my mind! As my kids say, Bees rock!!!
Cate H.

"That's Good! It tastes like honey should."

-- Margaret Scolesey; Broudus, Mt.

My son introduced me to Really Raw Honey and I will tell you my allergy is gone. I don't take any flu shot and every flu season I am surrounded with sick people and, guess what knock on wood, I don't get sick. My sugar level is normal all the time. If I tell you everything I think we will be talking the whole day. Anyway thank you so much.


I first noticed raw honey on my supermarket shelf about two months ago, and

made an "eenie-meenie-mynie-mo" choice as to brand. It was very good. The
next time, thinking to up the ante, I chose REALLY Raw Honey over the
others. WOW!! I was truly shocked at the burst of flavor that exploded in
my mouth: a big citrus orange to start with (how is that possible in
Maryland?), followed by numerous subtle floral "notes" (I can only compare
your honey to a fine wine). Bravo - I'm addicted.

Charles Briefer

Norwalk, CT

Hello Really Raw,

Thank you for producing the best honey in the world and for keeping it "Real"! I have been using your product for many years and since then I have exposed and recommended Really Raw Honey to easily forty people to the values of Really Raw Honey taste, energy, health, and the extremely important your integrity and respect for our life source, bees. Actually when I do speak to someone about Really Raw I am so animated it is more like I am passionately raving to friends, family and yes even strangers I have met every where from a cafe in LA or my Gym in NYC to hiking the Inca Trail in depths of Peru.

In fact, last year I was at Organique, an excellent organic take-out cafe/deli on 23rd having lunch with my best friend and her husband and three children when I meet a woman who was standing next to me at the refrigerated drink case coughing with cold or flu symptoms, I suggested she immediately get some raw honey, the kind that looks like hardened melted butter, not the one with the comb in the middle that is still see through. I continued: "The best brand to get is Really Raw. It has a white label with blue bee and writing and a little bit of red. The difference is their honey has a top layer of the bee's comb, pollen and propolis, which is a substance the bees make and use in sealing parts of their hives and has been scientifically studied and discovered to have a wide range of health virtues. You get all the the fabulous enzymes too. You can buy Really Raw at a terrific health food store just over on the east side of Third Ave between 24th and 25th" about two blocks. I then called to my best friend Kathy, who had just finally been able to take a bite out of a scrumptious sandwich we just ordered: "Kath how great is the Really Raw honey, remember when you were sick with a sore throat about a week ago and I had some sent to you"? Probably wanting to just eat the sandwich, but always generous and engaging Kathy replied: "Fantastic, I could not believe how much better I felt after a teaspoon". We would come to find out the woman works at a prestigious health food shop in the Village, and amazingly never tried raw honey, but had seen and held your jars. I gave her my mobile, as I have many people who I recommended Really Raw to and the next day she phoned me and said: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I cannot believe I did not know about this before, I feel 85% better today".

Thank you again.

Kind Regards,

Your customer for life, Chris & his English Labrador Jagger

I have some serious acid reflux. I have been taking apple cider vinegar with honey (Gershmans), but lately I have also been taking a large teaspoon or tablespoon of your honey an hour before meals and it has really helped the situation even more. The doctor wants me to take Nexium but after you are on it and try to go off it can have a rebounding effect which will cause more acid than before. I have the script but have not taken it yet as the honey seems to do the job. It really works and tastes great too!!

Thank you for the product, Gary Merrill

"Okay, I think I've died and gone to heaven. I have never tasted honey this good! I just got my box, just now. I'm in Bellingham, Washington and have been eagerly awaiting this arrival and when the truck came up I looked at that box and said "what is that"! I guess I've never actually seen raw, really raw honey. It doesn't look anything like this stuff. Anyway I made those honey balls and wanted to say "thank you". My family finally has a dessert they can eat. They can't eat any flour products, gluten, nothing-nothing and now I got the dessert for them. I want more- more honey and I want to get my mom some!"

-- Laura Whitman ; Bellingham, Washington

"I take care of an 85 year old man with severe diabetes. His blood sugar is weird , around 250 or so. Huge amounts of insulin (the maximum for morning and evening ) left it out of control. He tried different diets, no starches, but he missed eating his sweets. We heard raw honey was okay , but the local honey made his blood sugar rise. A health food store in Wisconson said to try Reallly Raw Honey. His sugar was measured before and after use. Reallly Raw Honey made his sugar go down. His numbers stayed consistently down, never went up, after eating the honey. He just sits with his jar in hand and enjoys! We tried pollen and propolis separately but got no results ."

-- Susan Stanich; Duluth, Minnesotta

"Just got my first order of your product. I love it! It is far different from those commercial companies that claim they have raw honey (but are really not). I thank you for making a truly great enzyme rich honey. You will be getting plenty of my business in the future."

-- Dan; Clearwater, Florida

"I love you so much. This has been a blessing. I can't believe that in such a short time I am completely off of Claritin and sleeping pills- because the Claritin kept me up all night."

-- Cindi Read; Springfield, Tennessee

"I saw your honey at a flea market in Baltimore. Something said buy it- something said don't buy it. I was feeling pretty down that day, felt like I was coming down with something. It seemed like instantly, when I took a taste of it, I felt a whole lot better by just taking a little scoop of it. Then I gave a taste to my husband and he said "Honey- this stuff is really, really good." We've been tasting ever since. The jar is almost empty."

-- Vanessa Ray ; Washington D.C.

"You have a great product! We love it! Cookie, our dog loves it! Every morning she waits for it or begs for it (whatever you want to call it). She'll come into the kitchen, watch me get the jar and follow me to the bedroom where my wife and I all get a spoonful!"

-- Raymond Weaver; Newport Beach, California

Just wanted to let you folks know that after years of horrible eczema (have tried everything) RRH is really really helping!!! Not to mention it is BY FAR the most incredible tasting honey!! WOW!!!!!!

Amazing, and I m thrilled that your practices are kind to the bees!!

We LOVE you guys + RRH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Thank you so much!
I ll keep buying!


"After tasting your honey, I just can't use any other honey! They just don't taste right. My wife has begun to use Really Raw Honey as a spread on her bread, rather than butter."

-- Joel Cohen; Amber, Pa.

My 92 year old mother got a bed sore in the area of her tail bone. The Hospice
nurse said this was the end; they would never get it to heal. I applied Really
Raw Honey multiple times a day and kept the area clean. Five days later there
was no evidence of any sore. Thank you for helping make her last months
comfortable. Rebecca Pollack

"I was suffering for at least 5 months with an itchy rash on my arm. I would use hydrocortisone cream which would stop the itch and swelling for a while, but that was it. The itching was driving me insane. I applied the really raw honey on my arm and I prayed that through the power of God and that honey, the rash would go away. I let the honey stay on my arm as long as I could (an hour or so). Perhaps two days later the rash cleared up completely. God bless you."

-- Carole Kirkwood; Plainfield, NJ.

"I received my first order of your Really Raw Honey three days ago. May I say it is phenomenal! Besides the wonderful flavor, it has helped me get a good night's sleep (after years of insomnia) and I fell energetic during the day. I'm so glad I found you while browsing the internet. (I'm 80 years old.) May I add that I appreciate the fact that your honey contains vitamins and enzymes. I'm thoroughly delighted with it, and I will be ordering more from you in the future.

My appreciation, to you and your fine company for offering such an excellent product."

-- Dorothy Matson; Mountian Home AR

This is the tastiest honey I have ever had. I have always purchased the more natural types of honey from health and organic stores. Really Raw Honey has the best taste hands down. I found the consistency unusually thick and easy to spread. What a great and healthy product this is.

"I purchased your honey because you were recommended by Dr. Rubin in his book, "Patient Heal Thyself". Absolutely Delicious! It takes almost like candy; it's so creamy with bits of crunch. I love it!"

-- Donna Magdalin; Tallahassee, Fl

"I really, really Love my Really Raw Honey."

-- Evelyn Hobert; Indiana

I live up in Minocqua, WI and I am really getting into singing and playing guitar. I decided to look online for good remedies and preventative things for sore throats that most vocalists suffer from. Honey was one of the suggestions. I went to the local super market and your jar popped right out at me. I was kind of skeptical at first. I wasn't sure if having "cappings" and crunchy things in my honey was going to taste good. I got the jar home and threw all my other groceries aside. I opened the cap and smelled your honey. I have to say that honestly it didn't smell very good to me. But I like to try new things and jammed a spoon right in the jar. As soon as the honey hit my tongue I was overwhelmed with how fantastic it actually tasted! I must say that I am hooked and will be purchasing a lot more of your excellent honey. Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the good work!!!

Quenton Robl

"Really Raw Honey is the real thing! Customers appreciate the quality and keep coming back for more!"

-- Ruth Harp; Community Affairs Representative Fresh Fields / Whole Foods Market Wynnewood, Pa.

"Really Raw Honey is the best. It is the only honey I know of (and I've looked, believe me) that is really raw. I recommend it to all my patients. I use Really Raw Honey to treat allergies, hay fever, prostate enlargement, diabetes, hypoglycemia and many other conditions. It is a valuable aid in my practice."

-- Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD; Peterborough, NH

It has been a week using your honey, and not only it helps with my hay fever, it also helps with my 7 years old daughter. She has really bad hay fever, and has been rubbing her eyes until the skin under her eyes become bruised. The rubbing has decreased substantially with your honey, and I'm glad that her eyes are OK for next week's school picture day.

Feel free to use this testimony and my previous one, so others' suffering with hay fever will be alleviated with your product. My husband doesn't have hay fever, but he devours your honey since it tastes so good.

Thank you for a fine product that stand above the rest. Teresa Martin


Just wanted to give you an update and let you know I've been loving using your raw honey on my long training runs. I've been mixing the honey, some lemon, and water. It always tastes refreshing and it's a great way to get some energy! Ive been encouraging other runners to try it out.

Thanks again!


"I recommend Really Raw Honey for customers looking for cold medicines. It's great because I can't suggest over-the-counter cold medicines to people with certain conditions such as high blood pressure, heart or thyroid problems. This honey works wonders!"

-- Sofia Lilinstein, Pharmacist; L & S Pharmacy, Brooklyn, NY

"Really Raw Honey has been an integral part of my healing. I had severe digestion problems resulting from mercury poisoning. It's also a nice energy stabilizer, for balancing the blood sugar level. Now I can share this information with my patients!"

-- Dr. James Park Chiropractor; Mankato, Kansas

"I have been using and recommending Really Raw Honey for the past seven years as a sweetener for daily use. I use Really Raw Honey in smoothies, yogurt, sauces, and in baking, the taste is wonderful.

Really Raw Honey is one of the only brands of commercially available honey that is truly "raw" or "unheated". This assures the user that they are receiving all of the naturally occurring enzymes and other co-factors contained in honey. Because Really Raw Honey is unheated and contains enzymes and traces of pollen and propolis, it doesn't seem to cause or exacerbate blood sugar imbalances.

I will definitely continue to use Really Raw Honey as part of my daily diet and recommend it to patients, clients, customers, and family members."

-- Jordan S. Rubin; Founder and CEO of The Garden of Life author of Pa

"Bees and their products are Divine gifts to humanity. Since earliest times we humans have been indebted to the honey bee. Bees were always known as creatures that were healers. They produce so many incredible things - wax, honey, propolis, bee venom - which we could never have come up with on our own. It is God's way of expressing his Love.

Honey bees are the most peaceful and resourceful of all such insects. Unlike their cousins, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, they work and live in harmony with the entire world. Their way is a way of peace and total generosity. Everything they labor so long to produce is given away as a gift.

Beekeepers will tell you that unless provoked bees rarely attack. In fact most beekeepers with whom I have spoken to speak of the honey bee with deep affection and love.

When I see the honey bee, gaze at their perfect hives, and eat their amazing products I know that I am truly blessed."

-- Harlod Goodman, DO; www.healthresourcespress.com

"Oh my word!! A taste of heaven in a jar!! This is one of the absolute best tasting things I've ever tried! If you only knew what a discriminating taster I am. (My family loves a wide variety of foods, but is often disappointed when we eat out - even at upscale restaurants because they say mine is tastier.) I was expecting it to be good - but this is indescribable ...... I think I can give up all other sweets now."

-- A honey lover; Grand Rapids, MI

Hi! I just wanted to share how much we love your honey. It is by far the absolute best honey we have ever tasted .or smelled for that matter! My daughters love to lick it right off the spoon! I've tried using other honey in recipes, especially raw ones, after using yours and the flavor is way inferior. I won't buy any other honey again! Thanks for offering such a wonderful product that fulfills that need for something sweet, but also gives us such great health benefits!

Kimberly Long, Minnesota

The other day I was finally curious enough to give raw honey a try, so I purchased a 2 oz "energy snack" container of Really Raw Honey in a local health food store.

It's AMAZING!!! I can't wait to try it on fresh homemade cinnamon rolls... sweeten my tea... basically, EAT SOME EVERY DAY! It's addictively good! What's wrong with me for not trying it sooner?

Thank you!