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About Us

About Really Raw Honey

A few decades ago...

We heard about a beekeeper who lived in upstate New York. This beekeeper presented his honey in its most natural form; raw and unstrained. It was solid and creamy; not liquid. It had bits of pollen and honeycomb in it, and it was delicious. Our family loved it. Our friends and their friends loved it, and we found we were needing larger quantities of this unique, wild-looking honey to give to our ever-widening circle of enthusiastic friends.

Spreading the word, growing the network

We are committed proponents for the humble honey bee and her esteemed place in the web of life. How? By promoting the use of nature's sweetest medicine, advocating environmentally sound beekeeping, and bringing Really Raw Honey to new areas of the country.

There is a mentoring spirit among the beekeepers that produce Really Raw Honey. They share knowledge, equipment and ideas regularly. When a new beekeeper joins the Really Raw Honey community, the seasoned beekeepers share all they know with the newcomer as the new beekeeper needs to make a complete turnaround in the way he or she practices their craft.

Really Raw Honey supports family beekeeping operations. Our honey is packed on-site at the beekeepers homes and farms, straight from the hive. Our low-tech hand packing techniques use no heavy or heating equipment and is suitable for all members of the family to participate in, and children are encouraged to learn from, and be part of the process.

Important Information Regarding Honey Consistency

Really Raw Honey comes in many colors, tastes and textures just as diverse as Nature's flowers. Aster honey, gathered from the latest blooming flowers of the season, is the fastest honey to crystallize and therefore has the most solid and the smoothest consistency. This harder consistency makes Aster honey perfect for eating like candy.

If you prefer a softer consistency, place the jar in warm water. Aster honey can also be stored in a warm place, like the top of the fridge or radiator. Do not microwave Really Raw Honey.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-REAL-RAW (732-5729)
Address: 3725 Gough Street, Baltimore, MD 21224
Fax: (410) 675-7411