1 lb. Jar of RRH

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1 lb. Glass Jar of Really Raw Honey

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6 reviews for 1 lb. Jar of RRH

  1. carvettawilliams

    Best tasting honey…EVAH!!!!!!!!

  2. David Jones

    I had those for years….good for health benefits

  3. Janelle Allen

    The problem is…once you’ve had this honey, you won’t want anything else.

  4. Valencia McLeod

    Truly this Really the really stuff. It is a treat to have. Thank you Really Raw for this product.

  5. Aurora Smith

    This honey has ruined regular honey for me. The texture is amazing and it really is the most amazing tasting honey. Its very sweet with a very rounded out flavor. My favorite way to eat it is on toast with a little bit of peanut butter. That is just heaven.

  6. Milena Cunningham

    I love washing my face with this and eating it too!! I really appreciate that you put the bees first:) I’m a vegan but I will have honey only from this company, thank you so much!

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