Q: What are cappings? What do they taste like?

A: The crunchy bits of pollen, propolis, and capping wax that crown each jar of our honey are called “cappings”. Cappings have the highest concentrations of pollen and propolis, which are known for their healthful properties. They are sometimes referred to as “Farmer’s Chewing Gum.” Because they do contain bits of wax, many people like to chew them and discard the wax afterwards.

Q: Why do some of the jars of honey have a streaky appearance?

Streaking is something that can naturally occur with raw honey. Our honey is packed straight from the hive to the jar where it thickens into its final creamy texture. If there are temperature fluctuations during this process the honey may pull back from the jar causing a streaky appearance. It is the exact same honey, just not as pretty!

Q:What is grainy honey?

The majority of our honey has a smooth, creamy texture. Occasionally we will get a batch that has a somewhat grainy texture. The texture is the only thing that differentiates it from our regular honey.

Q:Why does your honey come in different colors?

The color of honey is dependent on the floral sources that the bees are foraging on. We allow our bees to forage freely so the color and flavor of our honey will always vary somewhat. Most of the time it will be a medium golden color but can range from almost white to a deep dark brown.

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In order to maintain the integrity of our honey during the hotter summer months, we will not be shipping when the temperature in our area exceeds 80 degrees. Please note that honey shipping in warmer temperatures may arrive with a softer texture. In the meantime, please look for Really Raw Honey on your local store shelves.