Fermented honey is the Nectar and Ambrosia of the Greek gods and the basic ingredient of Mead, a beverage enjoyed since antiquity.

With a rich, sharp taste and smell, our fermented honey is soft and frothy. The taste and consistency make it ideal for lemonade or smoothies. In general, it can be used exactly like our other honeys.

Moisture and warmth produce fermentation. When the moisture level of the honey is slightly elevated and the temperature is warm, fermentation may occur, due to the enzymes and the yeast in honey. Two main reasons for heating honey in modern times are to stop fermentation and be able to strain it. But fermentation is not harmful. Some people believe that it is more effective for digestion than honey that is not fermented, but we have not seen any documentation to either prove or disprove this theory.

During the fermentation process the honey can get bubbly and even overspill out of the jar, so keep that in mind when storing.

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As a reminder, in order to maintain the integrity of our honey,
we do not ship our products when the temperature in our area exceeds 80 degrees.