Really Raw Honey Propolis
Propolis is a resinous substance produced by honeybees. It is a mixture of tree sap, wax and other plant substances.

Honeybees use propolis to coat the inside of the hive and to seal unwanted cracks and openings. Propolis is very important to the bees because it sterilizes the hive keeping their home free of germs and infections.

Propolis pieces and propolis tincture (i.e. extract) can be ingested orally by itself or added to food or drink. Propolis extract can also be applied topically. Propolis is a main ingredient in many product,

Bee Pollen
Honeybees collect the flower pollen and mix it with nectar. The flower pollen and nectar mixture is then rolled into tiny pellets and stored away; ready to be used as a food source within the beehive. Bee pollen can be eaten by itself or it can be added to food or drink.

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