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Propolis is a resinous substance produced by honeybees.  It is a mixture of tree sap, wax and other plant substances.

Honeybees use propolis to coat the inside of the hive and to seal unwanted cracks and openings.  Propolis is very important to the bees because it sterilizes the hive keeping their home free of germs and infections.

To learn more about propolis please click on the link below.

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2 reviews for Propolis

  1. Stephanie Nucci

    This stuff is remarkable! Please email me, when back in stock. Thanks

    • Nicole DiPietro

      Stephanie, Please call the office. WE sometimes have a jar or so available but do not post online. (410)675-7233

  2. Toni Ramirez

    Please email or call me when back in stock. Love this honey!

    • Nicole DiPietro

      Tony, Please call the office. We may have a couple in stock. 410-675-7233.

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