5lb Honey with streaks

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Great tasting, just not as pretty. Streaking often occurs as raw honey thickens. This is some of our best tasting honey!

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9 reviews for 5lb Honey with streaks

  1. David Wilton Gibbs


  2. Levi Gonzalez

    Woe this is good stuff. Very hard to find a true Raw Unheated* honey. Most on the market that say “raw” are actually heated and I was so pleased that someone gave me the suggestion to try this one.

    As a Raw Foodist, quality is my highest priority when searching for food products. Let me tell you this stuff will not disappoint.

  3. Tyler Pierce

    Can’t imagine a single reason anyone would rate less than 5 stars. Note that you can order streaked or non-streaked. The streaks really weren’t a big deal for us at all.

    Heated or non-raw honey will no longer be an option after trying this!

  4. Emmanuel Gentle

    Excellent product. It’s honey. Nothing more nothing less.

  5. Sheryl Urban

    The greatest honey I ever tasted.

  6. Jada

    Ain’t nothin better than this honey, its delicious, pure, and healing. When you try it you will know it’s the best.

  7. erjlg3

    Have been using Really Raw Honey for many years. Truly the BEST!!!!
    Thank you for such a great product.

  8. Leah

    Truly the best honey. As someone who drinks herbal tea every morning for a health condition this truly is the only honey I will use now. What a difference this makes in taste.
    Thank you so much to the creators and sellers of this product.

  9. Ny’La D.

    I love it, i can dip my spoon in it and lick it off. Best honey I ever tasted. I even shipped some to my mom in NYC.
    About to get the 5lb jar with the streaks and try it out. I can’t imagine it tasting any better than the regular one.
    I’m looking forward to my delivery!

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In order to maintain the integrity of our honey during the hotter summer months, we will not be shipping when the temperature in our area exceeds 80 degrees. Please note that honey shipping in warmer temperatures may arrive with a softer texture. In the meantime, please look for Really Raw Honey on your local store shelves.