5lb Honey with streaks

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Great tasting, just not as pretty. Streaking often occurs as raw honey thickens.

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6 reviews for 5lb Honey with streaks

  1. David Wilton Gibbs


  2. Levi Gonzalez

    Woe this is good stuff. Very hard to find a true Raw Unheated* honey. Most on the market that say “raw” are actually heated and I was so pleased that someone gave me the suggestion to try this one.

    As a Raw Foodist, quality is my highest priority when searching for food products. Let me tell you this stuff will not disappoint.

  3. Tyler Pierce

    Can’t imagine a single reason anyone would rate less than 5 stars. Note that you can order streaked or non-streaked. The streaks really weren’t a big deal for us at all.

    Heated or non-raw honey will no longer be an option after trying this!

  4. Emmanuel Gentle

    Excellent product. It’s honey. Nothing more nothing less.

  5. Sheryl Urban

    The greatest honey I ever tasted.

  6. Jada

    Ain’t nothin better than this honey, its delicious, pure, and healing. When you try it you will know it’s the best.

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