Two 5 lb. Plastic Jars RRH Special

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2 – 5 lb. Plastic Jars of Really Raw Honey

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5 reviews for Two 5 lb. Plastic Jars RRH Special

  1. Michele Feikema

    Absolutely the best honey on the planet!

  2. Stan Baker

    Yes, the best honey on earth! The company should be the industry’s standard for all bee product providers to follow. Smooth, no crystals even after several years of storage, this honey verses other providers is like ripe organic oranges verses Tang. Indeed, I have found Really Raw Honey’s treatment of its honey like no other commercial provider. Thank you also for the affordable price!

  3. Andre Moore

    Been adding this rich, delightful nectar to my coffee and fruit for ten plus years in place place of processed sugar.

  4. Carlen

    I have been using this honey for over 15 years. Truly heaven sent and a taste of heaven in a jar. I find that I am less sensitive to allergies and this helps boost my immune system. Would not be without.

  5. rbfab40s

    I’ve been a fan of this honey for over 5 years!! A few years back I actually bought a case of the 6 5 lb jars. I gave one to each of my adult kids. Now I have them hooked on it. Today I am buying two of the 5 lb jars for myself. It is truly the best you can buy with all the natural elements in it!! Thanks for the service!!!

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