5 lb. Jar of RRH

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 5lb. Plastic Jar of Really Raw Honey

*Please note that this year’s crop is a little darker than usual. Color and flavor will always vary slightly depending on which floral sources the bees are foraging on.

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30 reviews for 5 lb. Jar of RRH

  1. Ivy

    So good

  2. Ivy

    I like it

  3. Booty Adams

    Some good stuff. I use to prevent allergies and to help with blood pressure

  4. andie2406

    The best! This is coming from a person who used to work honey bees hives and had honey straight from the hive.

  5. MaryLee Trudeau


  6. Noel

    We use it for a cough suppressant. It works great 2/3 lemon juice and 1/3 honey. It’s great on fresh home made wheat bread hot out of the oven with a layer of honey. It”s had to stop at one piece.

  7. Lois

    Been buying RRH for many years. Nothing comes close to the floral-sweetness – a delicacy for sure!

  8. ginagene1

    You guys are the greatest of all , you got the best products you’re really are really really raw in every way not only you have the best products you also have the best service ,I mean who does that the minute I placed the order my order got shipped ,and I’ve dealt with great American companies but they don’t even measure up to you. Am sending your products as gifts to everyone I know even overseas . Thank you very much .
    Gina gene.

  9. Stephanie

    This is the best tasting honey I have ever had in my life! We have 2 local honey companies in our area and they don’t even compare to this delicious honey.

  10. Mirta Gimenez

    I’m always using this honey is the best. Price is excellent.

  11. magmaforge

    Ambrosia of the gods. Such a magnificent gift from the bees.

  12. Helen

    I have been buying this honey for more than 3 years and absolutely love it. It is my breakfast, dessert and it is absolutely delicious.


    I have been using Really Raw Honey for over 10 years.

  14. robert.walker.mi

    Just the best.

  15. gdsr83

    Thank you Really Raw honey for a great Product, It helps my family stay away from all allergies in winter.

  16. Mark C.

    Long time user of 10 plus years. I use this honey mostly in my baking of organic homemade muffins and products like that. It works great as my sweetener and it tastes so good and is so good for you. I usually buy 5lbs at a time and if you didn’t already know honey is the only food I am aware of that will never spoil assuming it is real raw honey and not the store bought sugar honey that is commercially available at all the big box grocery stores. Love the product, love the company.

  17. ZecharYah

    Very good honey. I believe I first started using RRH about 15 or more years ago. And though I haven’t been consistent in keeping up w/ my purchases, I always come back for a 5lb jar, to make up for lost time. :o) I typically use it w/ green tea and/or w/ apple cider vinegar, hot water, and a tea spoon of RRH. I’d highly recommend any first time buyers, to give it a shot. Start out w/ a small jar and work your way on up as the need surfaces.

  18. David Lewandowski

    The best in service and the honey. The absolute most delicious! Even though I have diabetes it brings my blood sugar down. Sounds crazy but when the honey is really raw it contains insulin like growth factor, enzymes, amino acids, etc. that aren’t destroyed through heating.
    All other honey pales in comparison. Thank God for your Really Raw Honey.

  19. Tracey M.

    My mom purchased this honey from the Italian market in Philly when I was a young teen. She used to have us take a tablespoon a day for health. I purchased it once I became a mother, and now have used it for over 20 years. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE whole food product, and I will ONLY purchase this brand. It never occurred to me to come to the website. I will do that from now on.

  20. David Gibbs


  21. Levi Gonzalez

    The best stuff on thr commercial market right now. One of the only TRULY non Heated Honeys on the shelves.

    Honey becomes altered and toxic with heat. So why would you consume any other “raw” honey brand that’s been heated? Mega Health Benefits!

  22. Magdalena

    The best honey, ever!!!!!!

  23. leonora Neyman

    I like it

  24. Krista Lansella

    This is THE BEST raw honey I have ever had. I can’t go without it!

  25. Martha Harris

    I’ve never really cared much about honey, but this is really good. I’ll be buying really raw honey from now on, thank you so much.

  26. Lois V.

    Been buying RRH for years (5lbs jar) – won’t go without it. The floral taste is… indescribable. ‘Heavenly’ is an understatement!

  27. Drewanna O’Neill

    I absolutely love your honey!!! I have tried other brands of honey after having RRH and there’s no comparison whatsoever. I love the floral notes. I even have my 10 year old daughter a honey snob as well. You have life long customers with us! Thank you for such a wonderful tasting honey that is truly raw!!!

  28. Yana

    This honey is the most potent, the most delicious, the most fragrant honey I have ever tasted! Nothing compares to it! Really Raw Honey is simply the best honey on this planet!
    Once you try it, you will never want to try any other brand!
    I am so incredibly grateful for this super food!

  29. Thomas Campbell


    The Best Honey I Have Ever Had!

  30. Harry Bickford

    Best honey I ever tasted in 78 years.

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